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"What the Heck Is Going On?" Health Check

  • A 60-minute, in-person sit-down, where our company director discusses the 5 Must-Have Self-Learner Skills and the student's "Why" for attending school.

  • From this, we pinpoint exactly how much of your child's unlocked potential and drive they are tapping into and outline how they are going to start unlocking 90%+ of it without a tutor. (Value: $175)

  • We include two year-level specific Math and English Fundamentals Checks. These are fast and used to find the critical gaps in the student's knowledge (most decent companies offer these as well, so they are kind of boring, but SUPER necessary).
    (Value: $75 ea.)

  • All of the information that we find, you keep, and from it we build a student-specific report outlining how identified issues are going to be addressed while staying on top of class content. (Value: $110)

Kerry, mother of Zac from Cavendish Road State High, and raving customer for 2 years:

Kathy, mother of Brodie and Kira from Clairvaux Mackillop and raving customer for 6 years:

Now you're probably like, "Well can I at least see an example of this assessment?"

Yes... Yes, you can. We've got sample reports available for you at the bottom of the page. But first I want to show you what some of our raving fans have said about us in the past.


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Book Your Free "What the Heck Is Going On?" Health Check Now

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It includes:

So why wouldn't you want to see what we have to say? After all, something is getting us these amazing results...

Book your free consultation and let us work our magic.

You might already be thinking: "Yeah great, another diagnostic "Assessment" that puts my kid into a box, wastes my time or asks me to pay extra. Nice try, but I've seen this before."

And we completely understand your scepticism, heck, we encourage it...


That's why this "Help I'm Struggling!" Health Check is completely free for you.

What we discover is either personal to you and makes enough sense for you to trust us, or it doesn't and you MOVE ON. We aren't here to waste your time or insult your intelligence.

So what does this Health Check include?


 Sample Feedback for Download

(as promised)

“Harry, [before you started], Brodie hated going to school and would’ve been considered a school refuser. He was flying under the radar in class and getting C’s and D’s but wouldn’t let Kieth or I help. Kira on the other hand was different and would ask questions in class but struggled to grasp the way it was taught and was easily distracted by other things around her.


After the amazing job you did with Brodie [D+ to B+ and graduating into his desired pathway], we definitely wanted Kira to have the same support, which considering some of the issues we had in Yr 11 & 12, was invaluable and got her well across the line. I now always recommend tutoring to anyone who asks - it's amazing what an hour's undivided attention can do for a teenager. Thanks again for being there for Brodie and Kira."

"Not only did Harry take my son's math results from a D to a B+, but he was also, more importantly, able to build his self-confidence in not only mathematics but in his motivation to life. I’m very impressed."

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