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Snowy Mountain
Our vision at this company is a little different to those around us.

Its to build competent and independent self-learners who see life as a challenge worth tackling rather than a task they're told to complete. 

The majority of tutoring companies and private tutors out there provide outstanding academic support and fantastic explanations of difficult-to-grasp topics with very elite tutors. They often provide great videos or courses that allow you to repeat the explanation over and over until you get it, and we do all of those things too, maybe even better. 

But what we've realised as a company in this game for 6 years is that all of our raving customers had one thing in common. We didn't just help their children with a tough topic in math, we changed the way they looked at school, education and their future.

As grown-ups, we understand the importance of education and knowledge.

Knowledge is power, whether it's used for good or bad. But how often have you heard your kids say "Why do I need to know this? I'm never going to use this in my life."

And the honest truth is that deep down you know it's probably true, the chances of them using Heron's rule more than twice in their life is nearly zero.


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But you can't say that to them because then they'll refuse to do any of their homework, they'll miss out on their education and they'll start behind the 8-ball in life.


So how do you explain to them the importance of what they're doing when 50% of what they're taught they don't actually need to remember?


It's simple, the key importance of school isn't in what the teacher puts up on the board (although it is important), and it isn't in getting the perfect score on a physics exam (although it feels great).


It's in learning how to teach yourself something that you've never seen before, learning how to communicate, and practising working hard towards a long-term goal.


Because no matter what they do later in life for fulfilment, they'll need those three traits in spades.


So the first thing we do when we sit down in our initial consult isn't to ask what assessment they have coming up. It's to see how they approach difficulty and understand why they do or don't see the importance of what they're doing.


Once they see their work as important, they want to do it, and with a bit of guidance and assistance where needed, that spark grows into a blaze.

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