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Find a tutor

This is the best part of this website. Simply go to the Find a Tutor page which can be found at the top of the site.

Then enter the subjects you require tutoring in and your suburb and hit search.

Our algorithm finds all of the tutors that match your subjects and sorts them by closest distance to you. 

You can then click on the tutor and read their profile to find the tutor that suits you the best.

Once you've decided, you can move on to contacting the tutor.

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Find a tutor
Contact the tutor

Before booking a session with a tutor, you need to contact them and organise a suitable time.

Their contact details can be found on their profile next to their profile picture as seen in the photo to the left.

Simply call or email them to introduce yourself and find a suitable time.

Once you've found a suitable time. Click on the Book a session button above the tutor's contact information.

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Book a session
Contact the tutor
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If you aren't already, you'll be asked to login or make an account. This takes 45 seconds and makes the experience with us seamless.

Once you've logged in you'll be taken to the booking page. Simply fill in the date, start time, end time, service and any additional notes that would be useful to the tutor.

You can also choose a "Repeat Option", this can be used to repeat this booking weekly for the desired number of weeks.

Click the continue button at the bottom and then confirm the details in the summary. Once confirmed, we'll send an email to you and the tutor confirming the new booking and you're on your way!

Book with the tutor
View and change bookings

To view your bookings go to the My Bookings tab located in the top right of the website. If this doesn't display, you'll need to log in.

Once on the My Bookings tab you can sort through your bookings to view upcoming sessions, outstanding payments and cancelled sessions.

The Edit and Cancel buttons can be used to edit and cancel upcoming bookings.

The Pay Now button will become available once the session has been completed and the tutor has approved the session details.

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View and Change

Once the session has been approved we will send you an email with a link to pay. Alternatively, you can pay through our website by selecting Outstanding Payments in your My Bookings tab and clicking the "Pay Now" button. Both methods direct you to the same destination.

Amazingly, all of our payments are handled by Stripe, so we don't store any card information and you can have complete faith when paying. Stripe also has the option for 1-click checkout which makes the payment process take under 10 seconds.

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