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Terms and conditions
Money Back Guarantee

SFS Tuition offer a complete money back guarantee if one of our tutors does not improve the grades of a student within one semester, or two terms of work.

In order to be eligible for a complete refund you must:


  1. Have proof of hiring the same tutor for a minimum of one hour per week over the two term period. This is the equivalent of 20 sessions. The reason for this is to ensure you are utilising the service correctly. (Your bookings history is ample evidence)

  2. Request a testimonial from the tutor that at least 80% of the total time spent during these sessions was on the subject in question. This ensures that direct focus was provided the subject in question. (The company covers this refund completely and takes the provision of false information seriously.)

Additionally, the student's current level of achievement in the subject that the tutor was hired to assist in, must be lower than an A. This is due to achievement of grades higher than this requiring high performance in the complex unfamiliar category which takes longer more consistent training.

Money Back Guarantee
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